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The Best Places for Kite boarding

Kite boarding or kite surfing is an exciting aquatic activity, which mixes many other activities together. This sport comes together when wake boarding, windsurfing, surfing, gliding and gymnastics are joined. The kite boarder is moved across the water on the kite board by the lifting of the kite powered by the wind. This article will discuss a few of the best places to Kite board.

The first place on the list is Bermuda, which lies right in the (more…)

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How to be Safe When Windsurfing

While windsurfing can be one of the most exciting sports to partake in, it can also be extremely risky for the novice. The key to your success in this extreme sport is to know how to be safe when windsurfing.

Your first order of business should be to always check your equipment before you go windsurfing. One frayed line or broken board could easily turn your adventure into a nightmare. Equipment checks are a necessary part of the sport.

It is also important to make sure you have all of the proper equipment before you go windsurfing. You may not (more…)

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