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Monthly Archive for February 2013

Surf Sports Get Their Coverage At Last

For a while now, surf sports have gone without the coverage that all the other major sports tend to get. There are dozens of television channels you can find for football and baseball and hockey and tennis, as well as all the college variants. You can even get coverage on rugby or cricket through a television service like tvbydirect.com if you know where to look.

It seems crazy that, with all these other sports getting covered; surf sports would get the short end of the stick.

ESPN felt the same way which is why, late last year, they unveiled the all-new Surf Channel.

The Surf Channel hopes to do for kite boarding, surfing and all surf sports in general what the major television providers have already done for football, baseball and all the other mainstream sports. The channel will focus on the world of surf sports and highlight the top athletes along with up and coming stars.

It is the hope of ESPN that the Surf Channel will not only give surf sport fans what they want but, ultimately, help make this particular sport more relevant to today’s society. While it remains to be seen if this will be accomplished, if you have a hankering for surf sports you should look it up.

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