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The Best Places for Water Sports

Florida and the Carolinas are the obvious choices when it comes to areas that have great beaches and areas for tubing, water skiing, kitebording and other water sports. Unfortunately, the most popular areas tend to be crowded and overly expensive. Thankfully, the US has many undiscovered treasures to help you avoid the crowds and expenses while enjoying the water sports you love.

South Padre Island in Texas is just one of those places. It was rated one of the top ten beaches in the United States and features 33 miles of unspoiled, natural beaches. Visitors can participate in any of the typical water sports. Hunting for hidden pirate treasure is also a popular pass time.

Another undiscovered treasure is Grand Haven Michigan. This beach overlooks Lake Michigan. In shallow areas, swimming is possible and deeper areas can be great for boating, skiing, tubing and other water sports.

Off shore Maine is another great area. It is perfect for all types of wind surfing, kiteboarding, paddleboarding, surfing and other deep water activities.

Other undiscovered beaches exist all across the United States. Even areas that have no coast line have large lakes and other beach areas that can work well for many water sports. Finding these areas is part of the fun.

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